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Creative Industries Federation responds to the Autumn Statement

24th November 2016

John Kampfner, chief executive of the Creative Industries Federation, said: “We recognise that this is a sober and cautious Autumn Statement from the Chancellor in the face of great uncertainty and worrying economic figures.

“We look forward to the forthcoming industrial strategy providing the opportunity for a bigger, more imaginative response to the potential of the creative industries to deliver the growth and employment the country manifestly needs.

“The creative industries are the fastest-growing sector of the UK economy. But the Government risks failing to capitalise on the potential of the wider creative industries – which range from architecture and design to videogames- byappearingtofocussupportforinnovationandR&Dnarrowlyonscienceandtech.Wecan deliver so much more if we are made a priority sector in the Government’s thinking.”

Read the full response by clicking here.