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Classroom gigs ‘key to improving behaviour of London schoolchildren’

8th January 2016

London schoolchildren are being taught to take part in music gigs as a way of improving their behaviour in the classroom.

Taking part in music shows can improve self control, and raise children’s self esteem, according to the founder of an award-winning project.

Martha Wright, 27 founder of Mindful Music, is working with a primary school in Walthamstow after her project won a Teach First Innovation Award in September. She hopes to extend the project to schools across London in future. Ms Wright said the scheme involves children learning how to play instruments in professionally-led music lessons before taking part in concerts staged at the school and other venues.

Teachers will also be coached in strategies to help children with their self-control to continue their learning after the gig has ended. She told the Standard: “This is quite a holistic approach. Our aim is to help children who struggle with attention and focus and raise their self-esteem.

“There is evidence to say a child’s lack of self-control can affect their adult outcomes.

“Music budgets have been cut particularly in state school particularly the state school system.

“The challenge is offering schools a way to keep doing something that is valuable but in way that is beneficial.

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