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Bristol becomes first city in England to use city-wide music curriculum as demand for classes soars

19th November 2015

A new city-wide music curriculum will be implemented in primary schools around Bristol as part of a joint effort to allow children access to music education.

Bristol Plays Music (BPM), the city’s music education hub based at Colston Hall, has launched the new initiative which will be roll out to every primary school in Bristol. It aims to reach every school in the city by the end of next year.

Bristol schools will be the first in the UK to use a city-wide music curriculum, and hope to pave the way for similar initiatives in other cities in England.

The resources are tailored for Bristolians, with children in all year groups exploring the best things about this city – from its history, to its culture and festivals.

Teachers from seven different schools came together to help with the resource, using a wide variety of skills.

The first phase of the curriculum – named Get on Board – contains a complete package for teachers of reception years to year six.

There are 12 lessons in the pack, designed to be taught over two terms.

BPM is also creating a new curriculum for secondary schools and will be hoping to get more institutions on board.

Phil Castang, head of BPM, said: “Bristol is a musical city, and with the exciting projects BPM is launching, Bristol’s music teachers will have access to two relevant and high-quality resources that will give every child in the city the chance to listen and explore music in an innovative and highly engaging way.

“We are already seeing quite a few schools interested in the programme, which is great news.”

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