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Brass Bands England takes Development Programme online

27th March 2020

Brass Bands England (BBE) is to take its development programme online for the next few months during the Covid-19 isolation period. The sessions are going to continue to be led by brass band experts starting with Philip Harper, followed by Roger Webster. In a change from the day-long format, workshops during this time will be run as shorter online workshops focusing on specific topics. To support bands at this time in keeping active and engaged the workshops will be free for all users via online platforms.

The sessions will finish with participants being able to switch on their webcams and have a general chat amongst themselves to meet, share ideas and collaborate!

The sessions will not be the same as the full-day workshops but will instead focus on a deep dive into specific areas that other courses can only touch upon so if you’ve been on a workshop before there is something new here for you. There will also be a particular focus on areas bands people can work on at home or specific areas band organisations can work on to strengthen themselves for the months ahead.

The next workshop will be led by Roger Webster focusing on personal practice techniques on Thursday 2nd April at 7.00 with more details on registering and other workshops to follow soon. There will be the opportunity to send in questions for Roger to be included in the session.