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Arts Council England responds to the UK election results

8th May 2015

Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England said;

“We’re confident that in the coming weeks we’ll be working with a team in Government that understands the value that arts and culture can bring. In the last parliament we saw arts and culture get a more favourable Grant in aid settlement than many for 2015/16. We’ve also seen an £18m increase in the money going to Music Education hubs.

Arts and culture make a tremendous contribution to England’s way of life. Now we will focus on making the important arguments – from health and well-being, education, and the economy – as well, of course, the intrinsic value of great art, great artists and great arts organisations, museums and libraries. We will ensure that all the key decision-makers fully understand the vital role that public investment plays in our cultural ecology.”

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