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An update to the Capital Grant for Musical Instruments

19th March 2024

We recently held an event alongside the Music Industries Association where Arts Council England and the Department for Education gave an update and Q&A on the Capital Grant for Musical Instruments. Below you can find the further information that has been released regarding the capital grant, and if you would like to read the full transcription from their talk and Q&A please click here.


What is the Capital Grant for Musical Instruments?
The government’s National Plan for Music Education announced a new £25 million investment in musical instruments and equipment, called the Capital Grant for musical instruments.  


When will Hub Lead Organisations receive the capital grant and when will they need to spend it by? 
The Capital Grant for Musical Instruments will be allocated to newly appointed Hub Lead Organisations once the funding agreement has been secured for the core revenue grant. Payment of the grant will be across two academic years: 2024/25 and 2025/26. Specifics around payment conditions and timings will be shared when the new Hub Lead Organisations are announced. 


What can be purchased using the capital grant? 
The Capital Grant for Musical Instruments is for the purchase of musical instruments, equipment, and technology where it is use specifically for music-making purposes and to benefit children and young people. The grant can be used predominantly to purchase acoustic, amplified, electric and digital musical instruments and equipment, including where they have been adapted or developed to meet the needs of those with special educational needs or disabilities. Further details will be released when new Hub Lead Organisations are announced. 

Purchases made with the Capital Grant must be capitalised according to the organisation’s accounting policies, meaning that purchases need to exceed a ‘de minimis’ cost threshold and will need to have a minimum productive life of at least one year. 

The grant cannot be spent on repair, maintenance, or storage of instruments. It is important that new Hub Lead Organisations have plans in place for storing and maintaining instruments and equipment.  


Who will own instruments, equipment, and technology purchased using the capital grant? 
New Hub Lead Organisations will be responsible for owning all instruments, equipment, and technology purchased with the grant, and ensuring they are used for the purposes set out in the funding agreement. The Arts Council and Department for Education reserve the right to transfer ownership of any assets purchased with the grant to another organisation that is carrying out the funded activities and/or to the DfE on termination or expiry of the funding agreement. 

Hub Lead Organisations can make the grant available to partners to enable them to purchase eligible instruments and equipment on behalf of the Music Hub. Partners may store, manage and maintain instruments and equipment purchased with the grant. However, the Hub Lead Organisation should own all assets purchased with the grant and take responsibility for losses or damage. Hub Lead Organisations should arrange the appropriate legal agreements to cater for such arrangements. Hub Lead Organisations should also maintain up-to-date records of assets held across the hub, including those held by partners. A specific record of assets purchased with the Capital Grant should also be created and kept up-to-date. 


How are the Arts Council and the Department for Education supporting suppliers and the sector to prepare for this investment?
Arts Council England continues to consult with the Music Industries Association who were part of the Capital Grant task and finish group. The Department for Education is going to develop a Suppliers Framework to support retailers and manufacturers of music instruments, equipment, and technology to engage with this investment into the musical lives of children and young people. For more information on the Supplier Framework please click here. There is also a market engagement session on 20th March 11am – 12pm.