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Music Mark partners with the Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE)

28th August 2018

The Alliance for a Musically Inclusive England (AMIE) is a collective of organisations working together to promote equity in music education. Music Mark is in partnership with the Alliance and collaborates on a number of projects, including MusicNet East and Awards for Young Musicians.

Music is central to children and young people’s lives. Today, it’s easier than ever for young people to explore the music they like to listen to. The part many miss out on is making music – often as a result of their background or circumstances. The Alliance aims to address this imbalance, advocating for music education to be fairer and more inclusive.

About the Alliance

The Alliance was founded by a partnership of 14 organisations with the aim of increasing high-quality, inclusive music-making nationwide. The founding members are Youth Music and the 13 organisations the charity supports through its Fund C grants. We believe that all children and young people have a right to a musical life defined by their interests and identities. We’re working together to achieve this, aligning our efforts through a ‘collective impact’ framework.

What will the Alliance achieve?

The Alliance aims to make music education more equitable. This means that our efforts are targeted to support children and young people who might not otherwise get the chance to make music – because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through. Music programmes delivered by the Alliance (often in collaboration with partners) are designed to bring about personal and social outcomes for participants as well as musical ones. Founding members of the Alliance will also be working with others to help grow inclusive practice beyond their own organisations.

All Alliance members are working towards two shared goals:

  • To increase musically inclusive practice in Music Education Hubs
  • To improve the quality of music delivery for children and young people

To help achieve these goals, a variety of training, networking and development opportunities will be available for organisations and practitioners. All of these will be advertised on the Youth Music Network.

The work of the Alliance is being evaluated using a set of shared measures which have been developed by our evaluation partner, Chrysalis Research.

Who are you working with?

Partnerships at local and national levels are central to the work of the Alliance. The partnership network includes 60 Music Education Hub lead organisations, universities, Arts Council England, Arts Council Bridge Organisations and National Portfolio Organisations, young people’s charities, other Youth Music funded organisations, orchestras, and music and arts development organisations.

How do I get involved?

During the course of 2018/19 we’ll be consulting with the music education sector about what you’d like from the Alliance. We want to partner with individuals and organisations who can challenge the status quo, have a willingness to think differently, to innovate, and to embrace the transformational opportunities that successful and genuine partnership-working can provide.

Watch this space for more information about how you can get involved. If you have any questions or comments about shaping the future of the Alliance, then please email – we’d love to hear from you.