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ABRSM launches new Bowed Strings syllabus

13th July 2015

ABRSM has launched its Bowed Strings Syllabus 2016–2019 with refreshed repertoire lists for Violin, Viola and Cello.

Jessica O’ Leary, ABRSM examiner, syllabus moderator and violin teacher describes the new repertoire lists as ‘full of the most beautiful melodies ever written for strings’. She said: “They contain both new and core repertoire that both teachers and learners will love. The excitement starts immediately with the Muppet Show at Grade 1, Pig Ankle Rag and Bach for solo violin, Sonatas (from Grade 2) to Concertos and show pieces. There’s quality music in its most flexible form – I can’t wait to get started!”

Repertoire from the new lists can be used in ABRSM exams from January 2016. No changes have been made to the Double Bass repertoire. For more information visit