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ABRSM launches exam discount pilot operated by Music Mark to help UK music services support students facing hardship

7th November 2022

Music services around the UK are able to help to support learners struggling to pay for music exams under a pilot scheme launched by ABRSM.

The scheme, operated by the UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark, is designed to help widen access to music learning and progression and ease some of the financial barriers that families can face in accessing exams. Under the scheme, students facing significant financial barriers could save up to 95% of the cost of Practical and Performance Grades, as well as Music Theory exams.

ABRSM’s Chief Executive, Chris Cobb, said: “At a time when costs and prices are increasing we are ever more aware that many families are facing financial hardship. The pilot discount scheme is about working with music services to help them support those facing the biggest challenges, and about helping to make music learning, and progression more accessible for more people.”

Music Mark’s CEO, Bridget Whyte, added: “Music Mark is delighted to expand its partnership with the ABRSM through the management of this exciting new scheme.  Music Services are at the heart of instrumental and vocal provision across the UK and access to the discount codes that the ABRSM are generously offering will mean that more pupils learning through the Music Service will be able to take exams as part of a progression journey.”

During the pilot scheme, music services will each get an allocation of exam discounts calculated according to published school roll numbers with adjustments for deprivation.

They will have discretion over the level of discount requested for each student, according to need, but are likely to follow existing fee remissions policies that many music services already have in place.

At the start of each term, music services should contact Music Mark for their exam discount allocation. They should do this at least three weeks before they need to book exams.  Students and parents/carers wanting to find out more about the scheme should contact their local music service.

The pilot will support music services in the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands and runs from now until July 2024.  These discounts are only available through music services in the UK, who can find further details on the Music Mark website or by contacting Music Mark directly.

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