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Updates from the UK's music education sector

Music Mark appoints officer roles within the Board of Trustees

Following the Music Mark AGM in November the Board have appointed three new officers to support the governance of the charity.  Whilst…

17th Jan 2022

Bridget’s Blog: Every day’s a school day

I don’t remember who said it to me first, but ever since they did, I have loved the phrase ‘every day’s a…

17th Jan 2022

Bridget’s Blog: Looking ahead to 2022

As I made the difficult decision to move this week’s Music Mark Team Away Day online, postponed my trip next week to…

10th Jan 2022

Cutting music from the school day is ‘short-sighted and inappropriate’

Individually and together (including with the ISM through the #CanDoMusiccampaign), Music Mark and the Music Teachers’ Association (MTA) have worked hard to…

6th Jan 2022

Bridget’s Blog: Intentions and Resolutions for 2022

How long can you continue to wish everyone you meet or communicate with a ‘Happy New Year’?  Is it a week, the…

4th Jan 2022

Omicron – new year, old measures

Gary Griffiths – independent music education consultant and author of Music Unlocked – gives a short guidance update for music education providers…

4th Jan 2022

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