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Updates from the UK's music education sector

In it together: Hub Partner Member Drake Music considers the importance, and potential, of partnership

Partnership is at the heart of what a Music Education Hub is, and supporting these partnerships is central to Music Mark’s mission….

14th Sep 2018

Sing Up partners with The School Musicals Company

Sing Up are delighted to be able to officially announce that Sing Up has partnered with The School Musicals Company. As part of…

14th Sep 2018

Portsmouth Music Hub tackles key environmental issues with exciting new campaign

Portsmouth Music Hub is leading the way in increasing awareness of key environmental issues with an exciting new campaign. One World is…

11th Sep 2018

What does leadership mean to you?

Rosie Saxton, our Membership and Events Administrator, took part in the Music Mark Leadership Development Programme earlier this year. But what did…

Teachers can continue to access KS3 resources from Music Excellence London

From 2015 to 2017, Music Excellence London ran as a dynamic network of classroom music teachers, music education hubs, cultural organisations, and…

Take part in National Youth Folk Ensemble Stakeholders Survey 2018

National Youth Folk Ensemble Stakeholder Survey is open for responses. We are keen to hear from musicians, educators, cultural organisations, policy makers…

6th Sep 2018

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