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Updates from the UK's music education sector

Bridget’s Blog: Higher Education and Musical Careers

Following reports that the UK’s future music ‘talent pipeline’ could be at risk due to the decline in A-level music take-up, Music Mark…

25th Oct 2021

Bridget’s Blog: How can we reduce our environmental impact as Music Education organisations?

We all know about the lifestyle changes we can make on an individual level to reduce our environmental impact, but what role…

18th Oct 2021

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Naxos

Ahead of our hybrid conference on 2 – 3 December, we asked one of our event sponsors, Naxos, why they are looking…

15th Oct 2021

“Wow, wow, wow!”: Music Mark Schools across the UK celebrate nominations for 2021/22

The Autumn Term is well underway and over 2,000 schools from across the UK have already signed up for their free year…

Great music teachers log their sheet music: make every copy count!

Did you know that your school has a Schools Printed Music Licence, meaning that you can photocopy and arrange music for free?…

12th Oct 2021

Bridget’s Blog: See you at the Conference

Almost every day I seem to be doing something which seems a little odd or quite novel now but was so normal…

11th Oct 2021

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