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Royal Marines Band Service

The Royal Marines Band Service is renowned for being the world’s most versatile military music organisation. As the public face of the Naval Service, the RMBS not only performs on the world stage but are at the forefront of military music education from the Royal Marines School of Music in Portsmouth. Performing music at over 1500 public engagements annually they include the five Royal Marines Bands supporting musical organisations and institutions to provide musical assistance to aid musical education and inspire the musicians of tomorrow. Such activity has recently seen the bands engage on various virtual platforms and look forward to re-commencing face to face engagement soon. As an organisation, we welcome all enquiries to assist in a varied range of outreach engagement and support. If you are interested in gaining the services of the RMBS to support your education please email

Royal Marines Band Service Specialist Recruitment and Engagement Team,
Naval Recruiting Headquarters,
Room 201,
Building 1/117, M-P 73A,
Jago Road,
HM Naval Base,
PO1 3LU,
South East