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Piano lessons London by WKMT

Maestro Juan Rezzuto founded WKMT in 2010. The whole idea behind this enterprise is to bring the piano tradition from Buenos Aires to London. Buenos Aires international classical concert pianists lead the piano performance scene for decades. Epic personalities like Martha Argerich and Daniel Barenboim, redefined the way we perceived classical piano performances and refreshed the classical piano music world with their avant-garde interpretations.

These musicians have been trained under a rigorous and particular educational paradigm which integrated a fabulous and signature piano technique, community-attended high profile concerts and transcendental performances opportunities.

This holistic approach has proven to succeed in triggering the passion for music in all cases. WKMT ensures all its students round up their educational trip into classical music. How? By delivering professionally conducted piano lessons, organising community concerts of the highest standards and encouraging students to perform up to twice a year at WKMT’s recorded music festivals.

All WKMT events happen at listed buildings which contribute to the enhancement of the artistic experience. Beauty and art surround our students from the moment they step into our premises to when they are ready to perform at our elegant selected music rooms.

40 Kensington Hall Gardens Beaumont Avenue
London, London W149LT
United Kingdom