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Lambeth Music Service

We believe that musical outcomes include:
– Musical excellence
– Personal, social and neurological development
– Creativity and critical thinking.

And in addition:
– that a balance must be struck between striving for excellence and including all
– that poor musical experiences can be detrimental
– that the best musical outcomes occur when teaching and learning occur continuously.

Our Aims
-Engaging families and communities in a shared endeavor/vision/cohesion
– Developing pride in culture and place
– Using music as an early intervention for pupils who need support, including, behavior, speech and language development, and more
– Celebrating Lambeth’s cultural diversity and developing shared aspirations, through showcasing cultures and widening genres
– Providing opportunities for Arts production/management/marketing skills as well as performing/composing/teaching skills so more pupils can engage with music as a career.

Lambeth Music Service
City Heights E-ACT Academ
33 Abbots Park