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Islington Music Education Hub

We share a vision that all children and young people in the borough of Islington should experience the joy and inspiration of making music and the benefits of being creative from an early age.

Hub Mission:
• To ensure that opportunities to engage in music education activities are accessible and suitable for all children and young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged socially or economically.
• To work towards providing opportunities for all children to sing regularly and learn a musical instrument for at least 1 year during their time at primary or secondary school in Islington.
• To ensure that music education activities in and out of school settings are diverse and of a consistent high quality.
• To provide clear pathways for all children to progress in their musical learning, particularly in the primary-secondary transition.
• To enable all young people to take the next steps on their musical journey, looking towards developing their life skills and future employment prospects.

Islington Council 2nd Floor, 222 Upper Street
London N1 1XR
United Kingdom