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Hull Music Service

Hull Music Service, Lead Partner for the Hull Music Hub Putting Music at the Heart of Hull Hull Music Service teaches over 5000 children and young people in schools and colleges across the City. From its base – the Albemarle Music Centre – it also provides a comprehensive range of groups, choirs, ensembles, band and orchestras. There are also many workshops including the stunning Indonesian Gamelan, African drumming, Brazilian Samba and West Indian steel pans. These are not only inspirational musical experiences, but are tailored to complement, enrich and contribute to the wider school curriculum. As Lead Partner of Hull Music Hub, the Service is engaging with schools and the wider community through a variety of partnership projects, from singing to song-writing, composition to urban music, as well as Live Music for Schools and large showcase events across the City. The Hub is committed to supporting Hull’s most vulnerable young people, including supporting Children with SEND and Hull’s Looked After Children, by forging closer links with schools, key community organisations and specialist providers. This work will ensure that access to music opportunities in Hull is both equitable and relevant to the needs of the children and young people across the city.

The Albemarle Music Centre
60 Ferensway
Yorkshire & Humberside