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Carolyn Ridley

Carolyn is a highly experienced teacher of woodwind. She is a fully qualified teacher and performer with over twenty five years of valuable experience, both in woodwind teaching and in delivering the secondary music curriculum at Key Stages 3, 4, and 5 . She teaches instruments at both primary and secondary levels, is a director and teacher member of Salisbury Area Music Co-operative (SAMC) and the Salisbury Area Young Musicians (SAYM). She focuses strongly on delivering a motivational, challenging and inspirational curriculum to her pupils. In teaching observations both as Head of Music and as an woodwind teacher she has employed a unique style which motivates through the use of humour and playful embellishments, with her quality of teaching praised highly by Ofsted. Carolyn relishes teaching flute, clarinet, saxophone and recorder from beginner to diploma level and has a high retention rate of pupils. She teaches Music Foundation/Fi! rst Access classes and also directs music ensembles ranging from recorder groups to wind bands and mixed instrumental ensembles, both in her capacity as an SAYM music director and as a teacher providing tuition in her schools.