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Tri-Borough Music Hub’s Seven Seeds Performance with 1200 young people

Tri-Borough Music Hub's Seven Seeds Performance with 1200 young people

On 23 June 2015, the Tri-borough Music Hub, in collaboration with their partners and schools, staged the world premier of Seven Seeds at the Royal Albert Hall.

The event celebrated three years of the Tri-borough Music Hub and brought together a wide range of extraordinary organisations, professional and amateur, alongside over 1,200 school-aged performers in one of the world’s leading venues. It was a very special performance and required enormous planning, collaboration and partnership working. The ultimate benefit of producing Seven Seeds was in raising the quality and standards of music-making within schools and exposing children and young people to a new and exciting opportunity and life experience. For the Tri-borough Music Hub this event demonstrated their ambition, innovation and commitment to partnership and ensuring the highest-quality music education for all young people.

Seven Seeds successfully demonstrated what can be achieved with a clear vision, world class partners and a commitment to innovation, excellence and inclusion.

A six minute documentary, produced by video production company Karma, shines a light on the process of creating, rehearsing and staging this unique event. It can be viewed here