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Lincolnshire Music Education Hub long listed for Music Education Council Awards

Lincolnshire has been commended for work that recognises the challenges of the county, with its large land mass and east coast areas of multiple deprivation. The delivery partners embedded in the county are key to addressing these challenges, with work in hospitals, on music technology, and with looked after children alongside more traditional offers such as a Carmina Burana in Lincoln Cathedral.

The Lincolnshire Music Education Hub is a partnership of over 22 quality organisations, working together to provide the best possible music opportunities for Lincolnshire’s children and young people.

Head of Service, Jennifer McKie commented: “We are delighted to be longlisted for this prestigious award. It places the Hub in the top 10% in terms of performance nationally which is a real credit to the hard work and dedication of our Hub Partners and music leaders in the county and shows we are being recognised for delivering the best possible music opportunities for every child in Lincolnshire!”

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