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The fabulous new S!ng™ Series from Out of the Ark Music is designed to get your school singing about almost anything and everything! Each book contains ideas and tips on how to get going, a few vocal warm-ups to prepare voices and a whole mixture of irresistibly singable songs, featuring opportunities for rounds, harmonies and group- singing. Perfect for assemblies, group singing and developing choirs.

What’s Included:

Teachers Book with:

  • A quick glance chart providing overviews and singing tips for each song and information on vocal ranges, keys, musical elements and subjects covered
  • 3 Vocal warm-ups – to prepare voices with legato singing, breath technique and simple harmonies
  • Music score and song lyric sheets for 16 songs & 3 vocal warm-ups (Piano music score, melody and chords)
  • Sing™ Warm-ups (includes 30 warms ups)

Audio CD with:

  • Vocal tracks sung by children
  • Professional backing tracks

Words on Screen™ CD ROM with:

  • Words on Screen™ software version of the songs, where the lyrics can be projected onto any screen and highlighted to synchronise with the music
  • Printable lyric reference sheets

Ages 5 – 11


Next Step

Book & Audio CD: £24.95
Book, Audio CD & Words on Screen™ CD ROM: £39.95

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