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Independent Evaluation of the OHMI Teaching Pilot

Birmingham City University was commissioned by OHMI to report on the Teaching Pilot and explore the process and factors relating to teaching of the instruments. The research, led by Professor Martin Fautley and Dr Victoria Kinsella, examined three elements:

  1. The scale and depth of the current inequalities in music education provision faced by physically disabled people and they barriers faced to “undifferentiated participation in musical-making” (a specific objective of the OHMI Trust).
  2. The teachers, the training and support required to effectively teach learners with a physical disability.
  3. The experiences of learners where the pedagogic interaction with the teacher is the focus. Although this is well explored in literature relating to the able bodied, there is much new ground to explore in working with those with a physical disability.

The final report sets out the findings from this research and offers recommendations for both policy and practice.

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