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School Membership

School Members recognise the value of music as part the curriculum and are actively engaged in improving music education provision within their school community.

Music Mark works to lead high-quality music education by influencing, supporting and connecting. Specifically:

  • Influencing decision makers. Helping them to understand the important contribution that music makes to every school.
  • Supporting the development of a coherent and high-quality music education for children and young people.
  • Connecting the network of music services with the wider community of music educators.
What benefit will membership have for your school?
  • Recognition that music is valued within the school. This recognition from your national subject association for music can contribute to the Ofsted requirement of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Use of the Music Mark School Member logo. Providing evidence of partnership working with the music service/music education hub
  • Access to exclusive resources created by Music Mark for schools. This will include both practical resources and highlights from the latest research.
What benefit will membership have for your music service?
  • National recognition of the number of schools in your area that are engaged with high-quality music education for all pupils
  • Reinforcing the role of music services in leading local partnerships to deliver the National Plan for Music Education
  • Support for discussions with the ‘hard-to-reach’ or newly emerging school relationships
Becoming a Music Mark School Member

Schools can only join Music Mark through their local music education hub/service. Each school nominated should meet one or all of the criteria as below:

  • evidence of a willingness to engage in development conversations related to improving music provision
  • recognition of the value of music education as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • a strategy for music in place which provides for all children

Contact your local music education hub if your school is interested in being nominated for school membership.


We work to positively influence thinking, policy & practice.


Music Mark works to influence thinking by sharing ideas and undertaking research

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Music Mark works to shape and share the decisions that need to be made by policy makers

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Music Mark recognises the need for music educators to source and share ideas with each other

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We facilitate CPD, build communities & share best practice.


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