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Trainee Music Teacher

£27,000 (you are paid while you train)

The Sydney Russell School in Dagenham is looking to train up music teachers next year through Partnership London SCITT. If you know anyone who is interested in becoming a music teacher then this is a fantastic opportunity to get paid to train – £27K!

The Sydney Russell School
Dagenham, Essex
Contract Type
Full-Time Permanent
Closing Date
24th June 2022

During the course of the academic year, it is expected that you will take on the following responsibilities:

  1. Planning
  2. Teaching
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Agreed Whole School Procedures


As a class teacher, you will be expected to plan your teaching with regard to the school’s strategies and programmes of study. You will be expected to achieve progression in student’s learning by:

  • Identifying clear learning and teaching objectives and content and specifying how these will be taught.
  • Setting tasks for class, group and individual work, which challenge students and ensure high levels of student interest. This includes teaching through “challenges” where children’s learning is not capped and they have greater ownership of the work they undertake.
  • Planning, setting and responding to homework, in line with the agreed policy for each year group.
  • Setting high expectations for students’ learning, motivation and presentation of work.
  • Setting clear targets for students’ learning, building on prior attainment and ensuring that students understand what is required of them for any given task.
  • Identifying students with Special Educational Needs and knowing where to seek advice to give positive and targeted support.
  • Planning in the short, medium and longer term lessons which provide pace, motivation and challenge for students.
  • Using assessment of students’ attainment to plan future lessons.
  • Planning for students’ personal, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Teaching and Classroom Management

As a class teacher, you will be expected to:

  • Ensure that teaching and learning objectives are met through effective teaching, high expectations, sound learning and discipline and a purposeful working atmosphere in the classroom.
  • Establish and maintain good discipline, by following the school strategy for behaviour management.
  • Establish a safe learning environment in which students feel safe, secure and confident.
  • Use a variety of teaching methods which will foster and stimulate enthusiasm for learning, and maintain motivation.
  • Differentiate appropriately for all abilities in the class, setting high expectations for all but not cap student learning.
  • Give clear instructions, presentations and question students effectively to ensure participation.
  • Respond to all students’ work effectively, in line with the school’s assessment strategy so that students are clear about how they have achieved and their next steps.
  • Keep effective records of students’ progress.
  • Use opportunities to develop students’ personal, spiritual, social, moral and cultural development.
  • Establish positive working relationships with all support staff who may work in your classroom and ensure they are informed of lesson planning and your expectations.

Agreed Whole School Procedures

As a class teacher, you will be expected to:

  • Attend the agreed Parents’ Evening sessions.
  • Keep parents informed of their child’s progress during the year, through positive links with parents and in the form of an end of year report to them.
  • Participate in meetings at the school which relate to the curriculum for the school or the administration or organisation of the school, including pastoral arrangements.
  • Look to improve performance through continued professional development and feedback to other members of staff.
  • Ensure that student welfare duties are carried out, including playground duty and forward any student concerns to the relevant person.

As a trainee teacher, you will be expected to:

  • Complete pre-learning tasks to prepare for central and subject-specific training
  • Attend central and subject-specific training each Wednesday from 2:00-5:00pm
  • Complete two academic assignments focusing on Behaviour Management and Pedagogy – Planning
  • Complete a contrasting school placement for 4-6 weeks in the Spring term
  • Observe an expert colleague each week
  • Be observed by an expert colleague each week
  • Participate in a weekly mentor meeting in which weekly targets are set and reviewed

How to Apply

Please apply to enclosing your CV.

Closing Date:
24th June 2022
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