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THAMES Instrumental / Curriculum Music Tutors

£22.26 to £30.68 Per Hour

Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service (THAMES) is expanding its provision and is seeking to appoint experienced classroom music teachers and Instrumental tutors to our teaching Panel.

Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Service (THAMES)
Various Tower Hamlets
Closing Date
3rd June 2018

We are looking for classroom music teachers (primary / secondary) as well as instrumental tutors of upper and lower strings; recorder and woodwind; brass. Candidates would be selected to join the THAMES Panel of Tutors.

We are especially interested in appointing highly talented and enthusiastic tutors who are excited by the possibility of being part of an Award winning Music Hub. THAMES is the lead organisation in the Tower Hamlets Music Education Hub which also includes the City of London.

How to Apply

Online application
THAMES Curriculum Music Teachers

THAMES Instrumental Tutors

Closing Date:
3rd June 2018
13th / 14th June
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