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Peripatetic Music Teacher (Guitar)

Teachers Pay & Conditions Subject to local agreement

A part time, permanent guitar teacher is required, able to teach up to post grade 8 standard on their specialist instrument and up to at least grade 5 across the guitar family (electric, classical, bass) to individuals, small groups and Wider-Opps (whole class) in Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Music Service
Contract Type
Part-Time Permanent
Closing Date
5th December 2016

Part time permanent teacher (guitar specialist) required from January 2017.

We would like to hear from you if you are an experienced, skilled musician and teacher and are:

– Able to teach pupils from beginner standard to post grade eight standard in primary and secondary schools
– Able to teach students individually, in small groups and whole classes
– Available on Saturday mornings and with flexibility to teach after school and in the evenings

Please read the Job Description for more information.

School teachers Pay and Conditions (Qualified or Unqualified) and subject to local agreement. This position is subject to a variable hours clause where the contracted hours can be reduced by a third. This enables the service to manage the fluctuations in staffing need that can occur from one year to the next while offering a permanent contract.

How to Apply

Please visit:

Closing Date:
5th December 2016
8 December 2016
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This Job Vacancy has Closed

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