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Music Subject Leader

Main Scale / Upper Pay Scale with a TLR2b ( £4,272)

We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic Music Subject Leader to join our team at Sebright Primary School, an ‘outstanding’ and highly creative environment on its next stage of development.

The Blossom Federation
Sebright Primary School
Contract Type
Full-Time Permanent, Part-Time Permanent
Closing Date
17th June 2022

Responsible to: Head of School

Work in Partnership with: Other members of staff, governors, LA staff and parents

Grade: UPS / MPS Inner London Equivalent + TLR2b

Job purpose:

This is a leadership post within the school. In addition to those professional responsibilities which are common to all leaders of learning within the school, the key accountability of this post is to provide professional leadership and management within the subject area and to ensure a good or better standard of teaching, learning, progress and attainment for all pupils.

As Subject Leader for Music, the job purpose is to oversee the Music curriculum and to provide professional leadership and management for Music across the school. This will secure high quality teaching, effective use of resources and improved standards of learning and achievement for all pupils.


The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered by the latest School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document. It may be modified by the Executive Head Teacher with your agreement, to reflect or anticipate changes in the job, commensurate with the salary and job title.


Leading and Developing Teaching and Learning within area of responsibility:

  1. Teaching Music to all children in the school from nursery to Y6
  2. Act as a role model of excellent classroom practice for all other teachers, modelling effective strategies for teaching
  3. Monitor and evaluate standards of teaching and learning, identifying areas for improvement
  4. Plan and implement strategies to improve teaching where needs are identified
  5. Ensure there is appropriate continuity and progression in planning, teaching and learning
  6. Lead the staff in the delivery and strategic direction of the area and development of an enriched curriculum which is meaningful to the needs of all children
  7. Support staff in ensuring there is effective differentiation in planning and learning opportunities for all groups of pupils
  8. Lead, arrange and coordinate Music events for parents and carers and with other local schools and organisations
  9. To develop the confidence and enthusiasm of children, staff, parents and governors
  10. Once a budget has been set, to manage the budget accordance with the SIP
  11. Oversee the peripatetic support alongside the Assistant Head Teacher

Accountability for Leading and Managing a subject area across the curriculum:

  1. Provide the Head of School with appropriate and relevant pupil performance information and analysis
  2. Monitor pupil standards, progress and achievement against targets
  3. Help to co-ordinate the expertise available in the school and help practically in the classroom if appropriate.
  4. Attend relevant courses and meetings and disseminate information gained to the staff
  5. Liaise with other Subject Leaders

Accountability for impacting on educational progress beyond assigned pupils:

  1. Monitor the progress of groups and individual pupils throughout the school as necessary
  2. Monitor the Planning and Assessment within this area
  3. Ensure continuity and progression, appropriate differentiation and Equality of opportunity
  4. Ensure a range of teaching strategies utilised to facilitate the learning of all pupils
  5. Ensure the effective use of ICT to support Music
  6. Provide appropriate support for all pupils including SEN and EAL and more able pupils
  7. Provide regular monitoring reports to the Head of School to identify impact on pupil outcomes and areas for future improvement
  8. To attend and report to Governing Body Meetings if required
  9. Create an annual report comment for all children.

As a leader:

  1. Update staff of changes to policy and be proactive in assisting with the implementation of these policies
  2. Support the professional development of staff in this area in liaison with the SLT
  3. Maintain personal expertise and share this with other teachers
  4. Sustain own motivation and that of others to develop own and others personal and professional effectiveness
  5. Lead professional development through example and support and lead CPD
  6. Evaluate the impact of improvement and identify and lead strategies to maintain high standards of teaching
  7. Arrange and promote curriculum events and activities

Other duties and responsibilities:

To carry out such other duties, at the request of the Head of School, as may be required commensurate with the scope and grade of the post


The post holder will receive agreed release time from their classroom duties to carry out their role as Leader of Learning. This is in addition to the PPA Time already allocated and will be negotiated with the Head of School.


It is the responsibility of the post holder to identify professional development opportunities and discuss these with the line manager and/or Head of School. These should relate to either School Improvement Priorities or the post holders own professional development needs.


The Post Holder will account for the efficiency and effectiveness of this subject to the Governors and others, including pupils, parents and staff.

The Subject Leader will provide advice and support to parents in relation to the area of responsibility and assist in the provision of information to parents

How to Apply

To apply, please visit

Closing Date:
17th June 2022
21st June 2022
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