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Instrumental Teachers

Teachers' Pay and Conditions

We are looking for inspiring teachers of Guitar, Woodwind and Piano/Keyboard. Most of our work takes place in schools though we do teach our BRAVO lessons online outside of school time.

Harrow Council
Harrow Schools
Contract Type
Fixed-Term Contract
Closing Date
24th May 2021

We are looking for inspiring teachers of Guitar, Woodwind and Piano/Keyboard to undertake some cover work for the remaining academic year and with a view to continuing to work for HMS next year.
The work consists of teaching groups of 2 – 6 pupils in a school setting, supporting tasks such as recording/planning and assessing and travelling between schools. All schools have risk assessments and protocols around protecting staff and children at this time.

We currently pay on Teachers’ Pay and Conditions pay rates so rates of pay are variable depending on qualifications and experience.

Successful candidates would ideally have some experience teaching groups of children and some experience working in a school context but support and training will be available.

How to Apply

Email expressing an interest and we will send an application form.

Closing Date:
24th May 2021
27 & 28 May 2021
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This Job Vacancy has Closed

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