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Instrumental Teacher

£17.55 to £24.61 per hour

Short Description:
Hertfordshire Music Service
Lead Partner of the Hertfordshire Music Hub
Vacancies for Upper and Lower Strings
Vacancies for General Woodwind
As part of Children’s Services, Hertfordshire Music Service offers first class musical opportunities to thousands of young people in the county. We are an award winning service, recognised for our innovative and successful approach to holistic music education.
Progression up the pay scale is through successful annual Performance Management.
Substantial posts are available either on a salaried or hourly paid contract.
We have a large and ongoing whole class teaching programme in primary schools and we encourage all new teachers to include this in their work.
If you are applying for whole class teaching you need to support your application with a video of your work either online or DVD. Applicants for all other posts are also encouraged to support their application in this way.
If you do not hear from us by 4pm on Monday 27th February this means that you have not been shortlisted for interview.
Hertfordshire Music Services uses safe recruitment practices for all posts.

Hertfordshire Music Service
Contract Type
Part-Time Permanent
Closing Date
22nd February 2017


Job Title: Instrumental/vocal peripatetic teacher
Grade: Hertfordshire Music Service Pay Scale for Instrumental Teachers
Responsible to: Area Head/Head of Instrumental Teaching
Job Purpose:
To provide instrumental/vocal tuition to young people in schools, music centres and other Music Service approved settings.

Principal Accountabilities
The main responsibilities are:
• To teach children and young people both in groups and on a one-to-one basis to play a musical instrument/voice
• To teach or direct larger groups of children, including groups in the First Access programme and ensembles or vocal groups
• To plan and prepare courses of study, teaching materials, teaching programmes and assessment plans
• To assess pupils’ progress and achievements and provide for parents/carers and schools, written and oral assessments, reports and references relating to pupils at least once a year
• To promote the general progress and wellbeing of individual pupils and groups assigned to the teacher
• To participate in meetings to plan and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning and regularly review methods of teaching and programmes of work
• To participate actively in self-appraisal , performance management and Continuing Professional Development
• To maintain good order and discipline among pupils and safeguard their health and safety, in schools, music centres and other settings
• To participate in meetings arranged by the Music Service which relate to the instrumental curriculum, or the administration or organisation of the Music Service, including pastoral arrangements
• To supervise and teach pupils for the Music Service as directed when the regular teacher is not available to teach them
• To participate in arrangements for preparing pupils for public examinations, including grade and GCSE/ A-level examinations and in assessing pupils for the purposes of such examinations, to record and report such assessments and participate in the preparation of pupils’ presentations and supervision during grade examinations where agreed.
• To provide clear pathways of learning for pupils, ensuring that the pupils are involved in appropriate ensembles and performing opportunities; to feed pupils into music centre and county activities, workshops, performances, holiday courses and taster sessions etc.
• To register the attendance of pupils and supervise pupils, whether these duties are to be undertaken before or during music sessions
• To contribute actively as part of the music centre team. This may include participation in the centre’s activities, such as in a Saturday Morning Music School, or directing an ensemble or music class during the evening
• To support schools and music centres by contributing to concerts, open evenings and parents’ evenings
• To undertake any other reasonable task related to instrumental teaching that is required by the Music Service, which may include pastoral duties when appropriate
• To submit data on pupils and activities to a Music Service administration base on request

Person Specification

There are six entry levels for new instrumental teachers, determined by the verifiable qualifications, skills and ability of the instrumental teacher according to the following criteria: Entry level i A non-graduate musician without a teaching qualification or degree/diploma
Entry level ii A non-graduate musician without a teaching qualification or degree/diploma
but with proven skills and abilities as an instrumental teacher
Entry level iii A music graduate without a teaching qualification;
A non-graduate musician with specialist music teaching accreditation (non QTS) or delivery portfolio
Entry level iv A music graduate with specialist teaching accreditation (non QTS) or delivery
Entry level v A music graduate with QTS
Entry level vi A music graduate with QTS and additional specialist music teaching accreditation

• Knowledge of different approaches to teaching the instrument/voice including examinations
• Detailed knowledge of instrumental/vocal repertoire and applications to music teaching
• Familiarity with the broad strands of the National Curriculum in music and current teaching practice in instrumental teaching
• Understanding of how instrumental teaching fits into the broader educational picture
• Knowledge and appreciation of a wide range of musical genres

Skills and Abilities
• A minimum of grade 8 standard in performance
• Proven skills in teaching the instrument/voice, both for individual and group lessons
• Advanced skills as a performer, including fluency in improvisation and music ICT
• Ability to inspire and motivate children and for them to achieve their musical potential
• Ability to prioritise workload and meet deadlines
• Good administration and communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills for working with a wide variety of people, e.g. emotional intelligence, empathy and self-awareness

Summary The instrumental/vocal teacher must meet and sustain the Hertfordshire Standards for Instrumental/vocal teachers.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV to

Closing Date:
22nd February 2017
10th March 2017
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