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Freelance Comms and Marketing Consultant Advisor

£4,200 plus reasonable travel Consultancy Fee

Music Mark’s Comms and Marketing (C&M) Manager is about to go on Maternity Leave (est. for end of September 2020), and the Board and CEO have developed a plan for the cover of her role whilst she is on leave. This plan includes promoting the Finance and Admin Assistant to carry out much of the day-to-day work of the C&M Manager (re-titled to being the Comms and Marketing Officer, but maintaining some specific Finance and Admin tasks during this period); appointing an intern or freelance administrator (depending on whether Music Mark can safely reopen its London office); and engaging a freelance Comms and Marketing (C&M) Consultant.

The freelance C&M Consultant will provide strategic advice and support to the Music Mark team, to ensure the ongoing delivery of clear comms and marketing to the Membership and the wider sector.