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Director of Music


Hot House Music are seeking a new regional Director of Music, with strong and ambitious vision, combined with excellent versatile and practical musical ability. This key role offer a unique opportunity to deliver upon our mission to change children’s lives with music, and to join our successful and rapidly expanding company.

Hot House Music Schools
Contract Type
Full-Time Permanent
Closing Date
24th March 2019

Hot House Music are seeking a new regional Director of Music, with strong and ambitious vision, combined with excellent versatile and practical musical ability. This key role offer a unique opportunity to deliver upon our mission to change children’s lives with music, and to join our successful and rapidly expanding company

Hot House is family that nurtures young people by delivering innovative schemes of work whilst facilitating learning with the world’s best educators and musicians. We invest equally in our students and staff and are deeply committed to extending our work in order to have a greater impact on the education of young people. We deliver more than music, we inspire, we embolden, and we care.

The new role require a special combination of organisational and networking skills, consequently these are fabulous opportunities for highly effective communicators that can manage varied workloads. An applicant should have an engaging love of creative subjects and an unwavering belief in the potential of ALL pupils to exceed expectations. Ideal candidates will have a genuine passion for music education and conviction of its important role in the positive development of young people.

An applicant must have the required emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to inspire and support ALL students and staff. We foster an environment where everyone is equally encouraged and valued. The ability to have fun whilst creating a happy and safe space is fundamental to the role. As a founding member of a regional Hot House Music School you will be integral to influencing the direction and success of music education throughout your area. Through a commitment to excellent customer service you will help deliver upon the ambition of all of your students and staff. You will be the public face of your Hot House Music School.

There are significant opportunities to be a vital part of Hot House International. We are committed to drawing upon our position as a global music family, enhancing the education of our international students and providing our teachers with enriching and rewarding careers.

If you are reliable, pro-active and well-organised, eager to learn and enthusiastic about working in music. if you are prepared to roll your sleeves up and help us deliver our international award-winning music education programme, then we want to hear from you! A willingness to travel within your region is essential.

The Company – ETHOS

Both Learning or working at Hot House is just the start of an amazing journey that will shape your life in ways that you may not expect.

By placing equally, the welfare and happiness of our students and team at the heart of our mission, we believe that learning with Hot House encourages our young musicians to become confident, resilient and brave young people, able to fulfill their potential and critically evaluate their own career and development choices.

Since we began delivering inspirational music in 2002, over 2000 students have ‘graduated’ through our highly respected and well-proven programmes. We are guided by the conviction that our creative approach towards holistic music education enables our alumni to excel in each of their chosen fields. We profoundly believe that every young musician should benefit our innovative music programmes and to facilitate this we are in the process of rolling out Hot House Music Schools across the United Kingdom, and internationally to Singapore, France and Canada.

We strive to make each Hot House Music School a hub of creativity, passion and ambition with an atmosphere that is both inspirational and engaging for students and teachers. We set high goals for all of our students and staff and through a process of creativity and innovation we have fostered a culture of exceeding expectations.

We are very proud that our parents, students and staff believe that “Learning with Hot House is a gift for life”. We teach our students so much more than how to sing and play. We encourage them to become part of our Hot House family and our family continues to care for your whole development as you progress through your career. Please come and experience our collective mission, character and core-values first hand!

The Company – WHAT WE DO

We change lives by delivering an innovative approach to contemporary music through:
Bands – Hot Shots, Jam, Fusion, Caliente, Saxophonix & Screaming Kicks Big Band
Choirs – Gospel, Harmonix Kids Choir
Lessons – Individual, wider opportunities & clubs
Recording – Hot House Records (exclusively for staff, students & alumni), online content & Social Media
Performing – Tours, Festivals, Conferences, Gigs, Assemblies, Events & Competitions
Good will – Teenage Cancer Trust & Friends of Hot House (not for profit organisation)
Personal Development – Apprenticeships, Internships, Work Experience, Masterclasses, Alumni & INSET
Sales – Instruments, Rental, Sheet Music, Accessories & Product Development
help us express ourselves
make and maintain friends
get away from a screen
Develop peer-mentoring skills
This helps us instill:
Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Awareness & Cultural/Artistic Awareness

Role and Responsibilities

A unique opportunity to run your own music school and shape its future with the full backup of an established team, a proven system, and back-office functions. This allows you to focus on the development of the children and the growth of the school without worrying about the logistics and billing. You will build on the exemplary reputation of the existing hot House brand and bring its ethos, high standards and its mission to a new audience. During your two-month training period, in collaboration with Hot House Derby, you will be invited to develop a blueprint for your own regional Hot House Music School. Focussing on how best to create a Hot House Music School to best suit you and young musicians in your area. You will be expected to deliver outstanding teaching and coaching to individuals and ensembles, with a view to “making your school highly visible” with tours and joint concerts alongside Hot House Derby. You will be responsible for ensuring that safeguarding both students and staff is managed in line with company procedure. We want your own personal job satisfaction and happiness to be a driving factor in creating your music school. We will support your dreams and aspirations and hope that this will be just the start. The sky is your limit and we will be your perfect flying partner!


Qualifications and Education Requirements

Degree in music or an alternative degree with proven music skills
QTS is desirable but not essential
Enhanced DBS check desirable (but will be provided)

Preferred Skills

An effective communicator with great verbal skills and networking experience
A versatile set of music skills suitable for supporting all young musicians
Ability to inspire and motivate students and staff equally
Kindness and an affinity with children is paramount
Able to build relationships with children of all ages and their parents/guardians
Reliability, honesty, integrity combined with a great sense of time management and the ability to work remotely


A competitive salary reflective of the role and responsibility will be offered to the successful applicant.


After completion of a successful probationary period, employees will receive a cash bonus and be offered the opportunity of becoming a partner/stakeholder.


6 weeks plus bank holidays.


The IT, billing and support functions are centralized and will be provided along with the full curriculum of teaching material and a school set-up pack

All teaching materials including laptop/printer & ensemble music provided (not including minor office consumables)

Where necessary: Music Stands, Keyboards, PA, Drum Kit, Backline & single sample horns.

Merchandise sample pack


All Marketing is provided by Hot House Music Schools, however, a local marketing budget will be available directly to you for the first 2 terms.

Access to Hot House Records

Access to Hot House International

How to Apply

Please follow this link

Closing Date:
24th March 2019
End of March – 1st week of April
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