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Chair of Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership (OMEP) Board

Voluntary Travel and subsistence

This is a rare volunteering opportunity to become Chair of the Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership (OMEP) and to lead the OMEP Board to provide effective oversight and governance.

Oxfordshire Music Education Partnership (Oxfordshire County Council)
Closing Date
16th January 2022

As Chair of the OMEP Board you will play a key role in the strategic leadership of OMEP.

The key roles of the Chair are to:

  • Lead effective governance by giving the Board clear direction and ensuring the Board understands their accountability and the part they play in the strategic leadership of OMEP in line with the Board’s terms of reference
  • Build the governance team and attract new members with the necessary skills and experience
  • Be a critical friend to the head of service providing appropriate challenge and support
  • Improve the partnership ensuring improvement is the focus of all policy and strategy and that scrutiny, monitoring and challenge reflect OMEP priorities
  • Lead the business by ensuring all ACE requirements are met, OMEP provides value for money and Board business is conducted efficiently and effectively.

We are looking for someone who is positive, dynamic and has a genuine love of learning. You will have experience of working at a strategic level and in partnership with internal and external partners, establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with stakeholders.

Work location and time commitmentsThe OMEP Board meets formally 4 times a year (March, July, September, December). Board meetings last approximately 2 hours starting at 16:00 through to 18:00. Meetings may be in person at the Centre for Music in Oxford, or they may be held virtually depending on the needs of OMEP.

Board papers are sent out to members 7 days in advance of the meetings and it is expected that they are read prior to the meeting.

It is anticipated that there will be some additional time required for sub-committee meetings in between the formal meeting dates, and attendance at some events. The total time commitment is anticipated to be approximately 60 hours per year (around 5 hours per month).

Rewards and benefitsThis role is a voluntary one. Travel and subsistence only.

About youTo be effective in this role, you need a good understanding of the job and its responsibilities so that OMEP gains the maximum benefit from the work that you and the rest of the board do.

An effective chair:

  • Ensures that the board sets a clear vision, values, strategic direction and business plan for OMEP
  • Is involved in the recruitment of the Head of Service
  • Ensures the board holds the Head of service to account for the effective delivery of the delivery of the Core and Extension Roles as detailed in the ACE funding agreement
  • Contributes to the performance management of the Head of Service
  • Ensures board oversight of the financial performance of OMEP
  • Ensures that all board members understand the role and responsibilities of the board

How to Apply

Please send a letter to outlining why you are interested in the role, how you meet the selection criteria, and the personal and professional experience, knowledge and qualities that you would bring to the role.

You may attach a CV to your letter however it is not mandatory.

Closing Date:
16th January 2022
28th January 2022
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