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Tips and Tricks for Arranging and Composing in Dorico 5

  • 3rd July 2024
  • 4-5pm

Register for this free webinar on Wednesday 3 July to learn how to arrange and compose in Dorico.

Don’t miss this session on Wednesday 3 July, 4-5pm, on how Dorico can help you speed up your arranging process for any type of ensemble, as well as offering some clever composition ideas. The webinar will be run by Steinberg’s International Product Specialist John Barron, who will cover lots of tips and tricks to optimise your workflow and help you produce exceptional quality printed music.

This session will include topics from starting a new project, importing music from other sources, note input tips, transposing, changing and doubling instruments, through to the finished score and creating parts for your ensemble. You are guaranteed to learn new things that you can use immediately on your next arrangement or composition – even in the free Dorico trial or free iPad app!

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