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The Leadership Collective Leadership Development Programme

    We’ve teamed up with The Leadership Collective to create a bespoke leadership programme to enable your team to find the best ways of working together, and to create empowered, inclusive and thriving work cultures.

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    As the music education sector continues to change, and to experience both challenges and opportunities, we know that your leadership teams need support to find the best ways of working together, and to create empowered, inclusive and thriving work cultures.

    We’ve teamed up with The Leadership Collective to create a bespoke leadership programme for our members which we are subsidising to make it as affordable as possible for you to take up the opportunity.

    The programme includes two workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions with your leadership team, tools, frameworks and resources, and is completely tailored to your specific goals and requirements.

    To find out more, download the flyer, or get in touch.

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    Who is it for?

    This programme has been designed for the leadership teams of Music Mark members. If any of the below are applicable to you, this is the programme for you:

    • You’re managing the organisation during a time of change
    • You want to discover more effective ways of working together as a team
    • As a team and as individuals you’d like to develop more awareness of your leadership styles and how they work together
    • You’re looking to implement a work culture which will be supportive and allow your employees to thrive
    • You’re looking for practical, actionable tools and frameworks to embed the optimal organisational culture

    What will I get out of it?

    • “[The course offers] lots of opportunities for us to input into planning, which was reflected in delivery.”A clearer sense of the strengths and strengths gaps of your leadership team, and how you can work together optimally
    • Time and support to accelerate personal change and development
    • Working in detail on key areas of focus for the team (see below for some ideas of what may come up) to develop collective skills and ways of working
    • Gather new tools and frameworks to implement as you lead the organisation
    • Created plans for dissemination of learnings from the programme to the wider organisation

    Examples of areas that might come up as we tailor this programme for you:

    • Feedback: how to create a positive culture of feedback within the organisation
    • Listening: the skill of empathetic listening to create trust and value within a team
    • Behaviours and values: ensuring the team is aligned with the vision of the organisation, creating a new behavioural framework if needs be
    • Change management: structures and procedures to put in place as a leadership team during periods of change
    • Strengths-based review: learning who you are as a leader and how that fits within your leadership team, and where any gaps may be
    • Future planning: developing a vision for your organisation’s future and a plan for implementation

    How will the programme be tailored to our organisation?

    The Leadership Collective will meet with your key organisational contact, which could be the Head of Service, the CEO, or the key person on the leadership team driving change. We will find out more about your organisation’s successes and challenges, how the leadership team currently work, and any specific areas of focus you’d like to flag. We will go away and read your key strategic documents, and come back to you with a draft proposal for focus areas for the workshops, which you can feed back on before we roll out the programme. The two workshop sessions are designed to be carried out 2-3 months apart, with the 1:1 coaching sessions to be carried out between the workshops. This means we can build on the outcomes of the first workshop, and potentially tailor the second workshop further.

    Next Steps

    The overall value of the programme is £5,000, but thanks to Music Mark’s subsidy the cost to each organisation is only £1,800, (plus travel costs if required).

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    About the Provider

    Music Mark

    We are a membership organisation, Subject Association, and an Arts Council England Investment Principles Support Organisation (IPSO) advocating for excellent musical learning in and out of school.