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Peer Groups, Mentoring and Coaching

Music Mark members are invited to get involved in a range of opportunities to develop professionally through peer groups, mentoring and coaching.

Illustration of a group having conversations with each other

Peer Groups

Get involved in our range of facilitated peer groups for Music Mark members which offer the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and collaborative problem solving with colleagues in similar roles across the country.

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Find out more about working with one of our trained mentors to facilitate your professional and personal growth. Our mentors will work with Music Mark members to share their knowledge, insights and experience, help you work towards your goals, and work with you to consider your professional development.

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Find out more about working with one of our professional coaches from the music education sector and beyond. Our range of coaching consultants will work with Music Mark members to help you develop personally and professionally through a coaching approach, focusing on helping you unlock your own potential through targeted questioning.

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