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MEC Seminar: Unconscious bias and Artificial Intelligence

  • 12th September 2024
  • 10.00 - 11.30
  • Online (Zoom)

Join us and our panellists to explore the risks associated with AI entrenching bias in music education. How can we ensure that AI-supported music education considers equity, diversity and inclusion?

AI learns from existing datasets and then replicates knowledge from those in its responses. This means it is drawing on data likely to have bias already built into it. How can we ensure that AI is inclusive so that it doesn’t further entrench bias and inequity of opportunity in music education? How can we prevent our own unconscious bias from becoming welded into the datasets AI is using?

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Tickets are £15 each. Free to Individual, Organisation and Not for profit MEC Members, half price for Student MEC Members.

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Music Education Council

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