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Carbon Literacy Training

  • 9th October & 16th October
  • 9.30am - 12:30pm
  • Online (Zoom)

Join us for this 2-part Carbon Literacy Certified training course to help you build understanding and develop clear and personalised next steps for your organisation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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This informative and interactive Music Education Carbon Literacy Certified training course will provide you with an awareness of the climate-related costs and impacts of you and your organisation’s activities and the ability and motivation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Is this course right for me?

This course is aimed at anyone working in the music education sector who is looking to increase their awareness of carbon dioxide costs, impacts, and most importantly how to reduce emissions. The course would be especially useful for anyone who has a responsibility for sustainability and carbon reduction within their role and/or leaders who are able to impact change. Our Carbon Literacy trainers work in music education and understand the nuances and challenges of the sector.
The course will empower you to take climate action and give you the confidence to initiate change within your organisation. It will also give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to act to reduce your carbon emissions to support the UKs Net Zero target.

What’s on offer?

Carbon Literate individuals understand how climate change will affect them, both geographically and locally. Individuals who receive Carbon Literacy training typically realise carbon savings of 5-15%.
The aims of the course are:

  • To gain an understanding of the different greenhouse gases, where they come from and the impact they are having on our climate
  • To acquire a sense of urgency about the climate emergency
  • To understand how climate change is affecting the music education sector
  • To know how you can reduce your carbon footprint
  • To empower you to take action and influence others
What Should I expect?

The course commitment includes:

  • 2x 3-hour online sessions
  • 1 hour self-study pre-work
  • 1 hour self-study between the online sessions
  • During the course, attendees will complete a personal and workplace pledge, which will be submitted to the Carbon Literacy Project for assessment and certification.


  • Technology: Zoom and Mentimeter
  • Captioning: AI-Generated
  • Breakout rooms: Yes

If you would like to request presentation slides, questions and provocations in advance of the session, please get in touch with Speakers may decline sharing this information on the basis of protecting their intellectual property or for other reasons and we cannot therefore guarantee availability for all events.

If you believe you face any barriers to access this event, whether that be accessibility issues, financial hardship, or something else please let us know by completing our Music Mark Training and Events support request form.

For more information on Music Mark’s commitment to creating inclusive web experiences please read our accessibility statement.

Attend this event

Members Only Ticket: £35 +VAT

Music Mark Carbon Literacy training is available exclusively to Music Mark members at a heavily subsidised rate, saving up to 50% on costs.

Each Carbon Literacy course has a limited capacity to ensure that you have the best possible experience and opportunity to learn.  Failure to provide sufficient notice of cancellation (please see T&Cs document) and / or non-attendance will result in full course fees being charged (£60+VAT).

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