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An Easy Introduction to Interpretation

  • 20th November 2016 - 20th November 2016
  • 11am-4.30pm
  • Cardiff University School of Music

As musicians, we constantly have to find a balance between ‘doing what we’re told’ and using our own artistic judgement to decide how we want to play the music; to interpret.
The concept of ‘interpretation’ can remain unknown to many students for much of their formative years and yet it is one of the most important, and rewarding, aspects of learning to play a musical instrument; it distinguishes an artist from an ‘instrument operator’. Since art itself is a subjective issue, it can be a daunting prospect to introduce flexible interpretive ideas when much of the learning process is focusing on playing in tune or learning good bowing…so it is frequently neglected.
This day aims to introduce the idea of making artistic judgements for oneself in a simple, friendly way. With a workshop in the morning, introducing and exploring the notion that something can be said or played in more than one way…with the main imperative being that there are no ‘wrong’ answers…we will aim to play together as a group in the afternoon with the primary focus being to explore the different ways we can perform our music. We complete the day with a short concert to demonstrate some of the possibilities we have explored during the day.
ESTA teachers who may find the idea of encouraging their students to think for themselves a little daunting (!) are most welcome to attend the day, and may even wish to join in.
The day will be run by Philip Heyman and Richard Barlow

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