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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Music Education Sector

Information & Monitoring Data Request

Why do we need this data?

Effective monitoring is an important tool for measuring performance and progress towards equality and diversity goals and in ensuring a truly inclusive workforce. But monitoring is not an end in itself. Data that is collected needs to be analysed and used to inform appropriate action.  

Monitoring the diversity of our workforce will not only give a profile of the diversity of our sector, but also highlight our collective commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and raise awareness of diversity issues within the Music Education sector. 

Understanding the composition of the workforce can also enable Music Education organisations to highlight differences between groups in terms of satisfaction, engagement and representation. This in turn can enable us to identify, tackle and prevent issues that would otherwise undermine engagement with existing and potential employees. 

As part of Music Mark’s research into Racial Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Music Education, the first stage is an audit to look at the scope and context for this work.  

The Music Mark Music Education EDI Questionnaire (1) and Workforce Diversity Survey (3) have been developed to help with the audit.  Ideally these two forms should be completed by as many organisations within the membership as possible.  Initially we will be asking our London Region Music Hub and Service leaders to complete both forms, but we are also inviting all hub and service leaders to complete the survey (3). 

The Equality Act 2010 state the protected characteristics are age, disability, race, sex, religion or belief, sexual orientation and transgender. For the purpose of this research, the focus is on race however we are also looking at gender within this as it is an area of intersectionality worth exploring as historically the sector was very male orientated. 

1. Music Mark Music Education Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Questionnaire

The questions asked are for senior leaders to provide information about their current approach to EDI as a Music Service or Music Education Hub lead organisation. You may wish to involve your SLT, governing body or even the wider team in formulating your responses. It is not designed to be a test or to name or shame any hubs. The questions are so we can ensure the focus and outcome of this research is pitched correctly and that each hub has an opportunity to highlight and prioritise specific areas for development and also where there is currently good practice.

Complete the questionnaire here.

2. Music Mark & Music Education Organistion – Diversity Monitoring Form for Staff

This form can be used to survey your staff directly if you do not already have this informationSome people may regard some of this information as personal and therefore, there is an option to ‘prefer not to say’. Completing the form is not mandatory but please stress the importance of this information to help us meet our EDI goals.

Download the form (Word doc) here.

3. Music Mark & Music Education – Workforce Diversity Survey

Use the responses to the form above or, if you already have data pertaining to your workforce, you can then complete the Workforce Diversity survey to provide a summary of the data.  (Please note that the categories are taken from the government census ethnicity categories.)   

If any staff have indicated they are happy to be contacted, please include this information in section 3. If there are members of staff who are from one of the groups we are interested in speaking to who have NOT stated they are happy to be contacted, please reach out to them directly to ask their permission first and include their details if applicable. 

 Complete the survey here.

If you have any questions about the research or about these forms please do get in touch with Bridget Whyte or Samantha Spence.

Thank you for your time.