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Annual Conference 2016 – Supporting Progression for All


Conference Delegate Feedback (download here)


Friday 11th November 2016


10:30am    Keynote Panel ‘Changing Landscapes – Strengthening Relationships’    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


12:00pm    Needs to Deeds    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

12:00pm    A Common Approach    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


2:00pm    Breakout Sessions

Composers and/or Composing: reflections and questions from a year-long residency programme    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

How might music teachers come to know what and how to think about music education    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

Nurture Improvising in your ensemble – Overcome Fear and Develop Skills    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


3:30pm    Breakout Sessions

BOPA – myth busting and pragmatic solutions    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

How to nurture leadership for music education hubs and disabled young musicians    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

Sing Up – a 10 year journey of change    Handout

Supporting music educators through the Certificate for Music Education (CME)    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


4:45pm    Employment and HR 101    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout

4:45pm    From Programme to Partnership    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout



Saturday 12th November 2016


10:10am    inspire-music launch    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


11:00am    Whole Class Ensemble Teaching    PowerPoint full page    PowerPoint handout


12:00pm    Breakout Sessions

An Indian Takeaway!    Handout

Perspectives on Progression    PowerPoint full page

Progression Mapping Methodologies    Handout

Tune in your ears!  Listening and progression from EYFS to KS2    Handout