P5 - C2

Compose with consistency of style, coherence of musical ideas and a degree of individuality, and by making the most of the instrumental resources

Ask learners to compose pieces for more than one instrument, e.g. wind quintet, solo woodwind instrument and piano.

Compositions for more than one instrument provide opportunities for learners to explore different textures. Learners can use techniques associated with pieces being learnt. These may include contrapuntal textures and more complex structures, and can involve a higher level of technical difficulty for the performer. Alternatively, limitations may be imposed, e.g. thematic, structural, technical. Encourage learners to exploit the idiomatic potential of instruments.

Support learners in refining, notating and evaluating their ideas.

Provide guidance on writing for other instruments/voices.

Provide opportunities for learners’ compositions to be performed, if possible in public, and make recordings to help evaluation.

It is vital to check the policy of the school or other organisation you are working in with regards to any form of recording. Children must never be videoed without parental consent and all policies regarding use and storage of recordings must be adhered to.

Ask learners to write programme notes for their pieces, including details of background, style, intention and outcomes.